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Verity Pabla Music Updates

Hey all, wow, it’s been a long time since last posting a blog but look forward to regular posts from here on in. After the release of the ‘Almost Strong Enough’ EP, my focus has been on building a solid ground for my company I’m not a machine music and all its many facets. This has included me being released on the library production music label via tracks with Modifier, MOTIF, and groovefurnisher, as well as being signed for publishing in the alliance with Faber Music! I have upcoming collaborations with a Czech DnB producer, further collabs about to be released with Modifier and groovefurnisher, and other new commercial songs in the works. I’ve enjoyed time away from songwriting and the studio, and then time trying out new ideas, and now I’m in a good flow of interesting new music with all of my collaborators. More details on everything individually in the following blog posts! Thank you for taking the time to catch up! ~ Verity ~