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Verity Pabla Music Updates

Hey all, wow, it’s been a long time since last posting a blog but look forward to regular posts from here on in. After the release of the ‘Almost Strong Enough’ EP, my focus has been on building a solid ground for my company I’m not a machine music and all its many facets. This has included me being released on the library production music label via tracks with Modifier, MOTIF, and groovefurnisher, as well as being signed for publishing in the alliance with Faber Music! I have upcoming collaborations with a Czech DnB producer, further collabs about to be released with Modifier and groovefurnisher, and other new commercial songs in the works. I’ve enjoyed time away from songwriting and the studio, and then time trying out new ideas, and now I’m in a good flow of interesting new music with all of my collaborators. More details on everything individually in the following blog posts! Thank you for taking the time to catch up! ~ Verity ~

‘Almost Strong Enough’ coming soon

The latest EP from Verity Pabla ‘Almost Strong Enough’ will be out in May 2015! Download pre-order is available now on the brand new I’m not a machine music SHOP


The Kindness Sessions 2

Welcome to the second in a series of blogs from singer songwriter and founder of I’m not a machine music Verity Pabla…


I mentioned in my first Kindness blog that the charity Animals Asia are doing something incredible – turning a bear farm into a bear sanctuary, for a record 130 bears in China! The campaign to raise money and awareness is called Peace By Piece – take a minute to see what they are doing and I hope, like me, you find inspiration in the compassion and dedication of the Animals Asia team. Through my music career, as an artist, I give 10% of my income to support this organisation. Through my record label/publishing company, I’m not a machine music, we give a % of our profit to two different organisations who do great work for people. I am personally most inclined toward animals and the environment but in selecting the charities to commit to that reflect the label’s branding and purpose, it seemed right to choose the Silverlake Conservatory of Music & Dramatic Need.


On reflection, doesn’t it feel (to more than just me) that the world as a whole needs a lot more kindness – from nature requiring greater care to people needing more genuine love & compassion to, most certainly, animal species deserving and desperately wanting for better treatment?


How are you expressing your kindness these days?

The Kindness Sessions

Welcome to a new series of blogs from Verity Pabla called ‘The Kindness Sessions’! Here you’ll get regular personal writings from Verity around the kindness theme that pervades the philosophy of herself and I’m not a machine music


Hello all!


Great to be here to share the first Kindness blog and I hope you enjoy reading. I found myself faced with some emotion the other morning – waking up to find out the amazing news from the organisation I support, Animals Asia, that they are now working with a bear bile farmer to turn his farm into a sanctuary for the 130 bears that live there. Wow! This is historic and amazing in so many ways. Tears of joy. And then I had an interaction with a homeless man who I’ve seen over the years but had never spoken to before. His reaction to me was humbling beyond belief – his genuine enquiry as to whether I’m having a good life, almost broke my heart. As humanity we are so weak and yet so strong. So I’d like to share this writing with you, and I hope you’ll come back again for the next ‘episode’ of The Kindness Sessions!


‘We all watch you walk on by

At which point do we stop and stare?

Really look at what’s happening here

You are in my heart

Despite not knowing who you are

I can’t help but feel emotion about your situation

And I wish to know what I can do to help you


They all don’t see you walk on by


And what’s the shift that needs to happen to change our blindness?

That which stops humanity from being human-kind!

It’s been easier to not look, to be ignorant to suffering

Yet in turn we’ve suffered and lost – lost our ability to empathise, to support, to heal, to be ‘connected’

Now we must rise up

For it’s no longer good enough to remain in denial

Nor to see what’s going on but do nothing about it

We must mobilise our kindness

With more vigor than has ever been seen before

A powerful species – clever indeed

This power and intelligence can be used positively – for the greater good

We all know on some level that peace on earth is possible

And whatever toxic thinking that blocks this acknowledgement we must release now to be open and ready for a new reality

That path is set to be walked upon

Let’s, as a collective, make that sooner rather than later!


How may you be kind today, in your own life experience?

I’m not a machine music

Verity spoke recently about the new independent record label, I’m not a machine music –


“It’s been a real journey starting up my own music company! It’s interesting how a creation starts as just a simple spark of an idea and then flourishes into manifestation. I launched the record label/management company, I’m not a machine music, in December 2013 in collaboration with my long term designer/animator Ben Skirth, and since then it’s really taken on a life of its’ own.


The label now houses 5 artists (1 who is due to be announced!) and as a UK based start up company we have been considered 1 of the top 100 start up ICT companies in Europe. It’s home is the internet and we hope to connect with people around the world through this digital forum to share the message of I’m not a machine music and the work of each artist on the label. Ultimately I hope this then means that we can meet our audience in person after making that connection initially through the recorded music!”


If you’d like to find out more please go to