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New Music on Spotify

Some time back I did a few collaborations with electronic producers Modifier, groovefurnisher & Motif. These have been released as production music via the I’m not a machine sub-publishing network – as music for media. Now they have also been released for streaming/download! So if you’d like to have a listen to these plus one track that’s currently still available from my last EP with my band head over to Spotify to stream a short playlist!

The Verity Pabla Website

This site has gone through various changes & updates! It’s been some time coming for an overhaul/update, so have a look around to see what’s changed…

Almost Strong Enough: Final Chance!

Preparing the ground for new music, I’ve decided to take down my last EP “Almost Strong Enough” from the digital sites…This follows on from having taken down all of my other works (excepting the collaborative album Glassbox Vol 1 from Hojo) & I hope that this welcomes a new phase for my music and what I can share with you all! So, whilst it’s still available, take a final listen. The songs will still available for commercial sync licensing, so supervisors can send a message to I’m not a machine music for full tracks via DISCO & enquiries. Thanks for listening…Peace & Blessings x

February ’18 – what’s up?!

Hey! January – how was it for you? For me, even busier than I thought! In a great way. Really pleased to have started a new collaboration with ace electro-pop producer Jack Hudson at Dean Street Studios, Soho. We’re working together on a selection of tracks he has produced that feel real light and free-spirited. It’s great to work on some new concepts and I’ll be putting vocals on one or two, and writing the lyrics for another couple of songs that will feature other vocalists. Jack is also a new songwriter, so it’s going to be fun to exchange ideas on lyrics as well as ensuring we get the melodies that hook the listener in! Looking forward to sharing new music from this collaboration as well as others in the weeks and months ahead. Have a great start to February! Verity x

Happy 2018 from Verity Pabla!

Hello! Happy 2018 all. I hope this blog finds you well…I’ve had a very busy 2017 with my music and also with my sync company “I’m not a machine”. Really pleased to have embarked on a number of co-writes over 2017 – both commercial music and ‘production music’. At this stage I don’t have plans for a new ‘Verity’ EP or album but it feels (and sounds) good to be collaborating with some very talented artists and producers. A new direction of sorts for me! I am especially looking forward to sharing a new song that I co-wrote in London with the Los Angeles duo Sweet Talk Radio called Falling Apart. This particular song and the lovely duo of Kathrin & Tim are probably the closest to my original sound and style, so it feels heartfelt and to hear them sing some of my words is real nice! I promise promise PROMISE to update this blog more often and to make sure the first mention of any new collaborations and releases are right here, so check back soon. Lots of exciting plans already underway for this new year. Wishing you a beautiful one, and thanks for reading! Verity x