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“One night in the very lovely capital city of New Zealand, Wellington, I woke up crying. Not provoked by anything I’d read or seen that day or month, I’d just had a dream about a baby being taken away from its’ mother. A black baby bear. Holding it, I could feel its’ anguish and I promised that I would get them back together but for now this was the situation and there was nothing any of us could do without them both being killed outright. I knew it was in China. The dream was so profound that even after eventually falling back to sleep, when I woke up in the morning my heart hurt, I continued to cry and knew that this dream was reminding me of a responsibility I have as a human being.

Top of the food chain, I’ve always been aware, ever since I was a little girl, of how we as people treat animals and the environment badly. Always I’ve known in my heart that this is not only unfair but simply not good enough. So what do we do about it? Well that little girl did as much as she could and contributed pocket money/savings to animals charities such as WSPA and WWF, later going on to do more fundraising and again giving those monies (however minor they may have been) to causes that meant something and organisations that were (and still are) doing great work for animals across the world. At the age of 18 I went on a family trip to India, and on only the second day in I saw a dancing bear on the drive into Agra from Delhi and later that day saw a dog being run over. This sensitive soul wasn’t happy. Back in England (quite soon after that!) I reported the location of the dancing bear as best I could to WSPA. It was the least I could do and yet there is always more that can be done. I feel the issue of animal rights is one that has a great way to go, although much has been done even in the 30 years I have been alive by some truly incredible individuals and organisations!

Now back to windy Wellington and that dream…I went online that morning and googled a few words that led me straight to an article about bears and the work of Animals Asia. Founded by a Brit who moved to Hong Kong and helping animals in China and Vietnam particularly, with an emphasis on ending bear bile farming, cat and dog welfare, zoos and safari parks – I knew I’d found the organisation that I need to be supporting. Like the little girl, in any way I can, it doesn’t matter how small or large. So, here’s the sale pitch – you help support my music by downloading songs, buying CDs, paying to see me play live, buying merchandise, and in return I will give 10% of all my earnings to Animals Asia! How about that? You can also donate directly to Animals Asia via their website. In any case please find out more about what they do via the social networks – facebook, youtube, twitter, and their website of course. Let me know if you’d like to get involved in any way, share your story, and keep up to date with my involvement in Animals Asia by returning to the site regularly, making comments on news posts and/or email me at

Thank you in advance!

Verity Pabla x