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I’m not a machine music

Verity spoke recently about the new independent record label, I’m not a machine music –


“It’s been a real journey starting up my own music company! It’s interesting how a creation starts as just a simple spark of an idea and then flourishes into manifestation. I launched the record label/management company, I’m not a machine music, in December 2013 in collaboration with my long term designer/animator Ben Skirth, and since then it’s really taken on a life of its’ own.


The label now houses 5 artists (1 who is due to be announced!) and as a UK based start up company we have been considered 1 of the top 100 start up ICT companies in Europe. It’s home is the internet and we hope to connect with people around the world through this digital forum to share the message of I’m not a machine music and the work of each artist on the label. Ultimately I hope this then means that we can meet our audience in person after making that connection initially through the recorded music!”


If you’d like to find out more please go to